Individual Medical Requirements Are Your Responsibility




Staying current on individual medical readiness is mandatory to ensure readiness for duty and continued qualification for military service. It is your responsibility to stay current on your annual physical health assessment, dental exam, immunizations and lab work.

The annual physical and periodic labs ensure you have not developed conditions that would necessitate treatment and/or appropriate documentation; dental exams ensure you don’t have conditions that would require specialized dental care; and immunizations ensure you are protected from developing health conditions that could hinder your ability to accomplish the mission.

Most Individual Reservists get great service from their active-duty military treatment facilities and that support is vital for staying current on these mandatory readiness items. I am also aware some IRs have trouble getting readiness appointments at their MTFs. The most common challenges I see are lack of availability, IRs being “in status versus out of status” and IRs requesting service from MTFs located away from their base of assignment. However, these medical readiness items must be accomplished and I’m asking you to work with your supervisor, commander, detachment commander and local MTFs to stay current. 

As a reminder, you are not required to be in status to schedule an appointment, but you must be in status to complete the appointment. IRs are often turned away by their MTFs because the medical system does not show off-duty Reservists as being in any military status and “not eligible” to be seen. This is where your supervisor and commander can help. They are available to facilitate that discussion with your MTF. Also, the RIO medical team recently created two memos to assist both you and active-duty MTFs with this challenge. Each memo cites the Air Force instructions, Department of Defense instructions and Defense Health Agency regulations, and explains that Reservists can make appointments and be seen for specific readiness items without being on long-tour orders. The memos also include information on getting readiness tasks completed with sister services, and arranging for fitness testing.

I recommend you carry a copy of these memos with you and have them available to show the MTF when making and completing appointments. These memos help you stay informed and familiarize your nearby MTFs with the Reserve-specific regulations on how to provide the required support and care. We are incredibly grateful for the support of the active-duty medical community for taking care of our IRs; these memos just make it easier for them to do so.

Another resource available to you is the Reserve Health Readiness Program, which is a nationwide network of non-military providers who provide some individual medical readiness services with no out-of-pocket expense. The use of RHRP services is only authorized if you reside more than 40 miles away from an MTF or after you make every attempt to schedule individual medical readiness appointments with the MTF nearest your home of record. To use the RHRP, you must submit a myPers incident requesting the individual medical readiness services you need to HQ RIO IRM. Once the request is submitted and approved, you will be contacted by Logistics Health Incorporated to schedule an appointment.

 Both MTF memos and the RHRP memo are available on the HQ RIO website under the Resources tab.

Thanks for all you do! #ReserveReady

(Boehle is the commander of HQ RIO)