AFIPPS: Modernized human resource system coming to the Air Force

The Air Force Integrated Personnel and Pay System is designed to improve financial management and human resources processes for Total Force Airmen.

The Air Force Integrated Personnel and Pay System is designed to improve financial management and human resources processes for Total Force Airmen.


The Air Force will soon launch a modernized human resource system called AFIPPS, the Air Force Integrated Personnel and Pay System, that will improve financial management and human resource processes for Total Force Airmen.

AFIPPS expands on the existing Military Personnel Data System platform, integrating military pay into the personnel data environment and forging a true human resource ecosystem that improves the accuracy and timely delivery of pay and allowances to Airmen.

AFIPPS streamlines personnel and pay processes, resulting in significant reductions in pay problems and saving countless hours spent on manual workarounds.

“AFIPPS brings a web-enabled solution for Airmen to easily manage their pay and leave, making a giant stride from where we are today,” said Lt. Col. Michelle Coumbs, Air Force Reserve Command’s AFIPPS business lead. “We’re on the brink of a technological and business transformation that centers on supporting today’s modern Airmen.”

The new system will deliver a read-only, self-service capability in the summer of 2021, enabling Citizen Airmen to create user accounts. At that time, members will be encouraged to review their records and verify key information like address, marital and dependent status, duty status, etc… to ensure a smooth transition when AFIPPS payroll is fully deployed and pay is executed in the new system in 2022.

AFIPPS also represents an organizational partnership and integration between A1 (the Manpower and Personnel Directorate) and the Financial Management Directorate. Pay roles and responsibilities will shift from the FM community to the A1 community once AFIPPS achieves operational capability, currently projected for 2022.

The Air Force Reserve AFIPPS team is currently conducting an exhaustive review of AFIPPS military pay business processes and how they will affect the future of personnel and pay.

The team is developing organizational alignment and integration plans, and working to ensure a smooth transition. Reserve personnel professionals can expect military pay training and AFIPPS guidance and materials, currently in development, in the upcoming months and in advance of system training, projected for the third or fourth quarter of fiscal 2021.

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