A Message for Individual Reservists

Scan this QR code to reach the instructions for downloading the RIO Connect app and joining your detachment group.

Scan this QR code to reach the instructions for downloading the RIO Connect app and joining your detachment group.

News about the outbreak of COVID-19 is changing rapidly, and we are working hard to keep you updated as quickly as the information flows to us. HQ RIO will continue to work to protect our people while maintaining readiness and will follow risk-based measures consistent with guidance from the Department of Defense and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, including applicable travel advisories and disease-mitigation actions.

There are more than 7,500 individual Reservists spread around the globe. Each of you is unique in terms of the countries you live in, the situations you face, the civilian professions you have, how and where you perform your military duties and how you take care of your families. Please know we will continue to work with each of you to meet your specific needs.

What I want you to know:  The vision of HQ RIO is to make it easy for you to serve. That vision has not waned or changed with the advent of COVID-19. I am here for you. Your detachments are here for you. The HQ RIO staff is here for you. We are all impacted by this event, but through this we have kept our eye on our mission: making sure Air Force individual Reservists have the support they need to serve.

What I ask of you:  Make sure you’re connected to us. Check your profile in MyPers and make sure you have a good personal and military email address in the system to receive our messaging. Download the RIO Connect app to your smartphone (scan the QR code to take you to our webpage that explains how to download it and join your detachment chat group). If you’re on Facebook, be sure to like our page and select "Follow>See First" so you don’t miss our posts. Finally, share the information in this article and the sentiment of this message with any other individual Reservists you know.

You are strong. Our country is strong. The Air Force is strong. We will get through this uncertain time, and together we will continue to maintain our readiness, support our assigned organizations and their missions and be the best individual Reserve force this country has ever known.

Thank you for all you do. #ReserveReady #ReserveResilient