HQ RIO: Making it Easy to Serve


The Air Force Reserve individual mobilization augmentee forces are part of a global organization comprised of the best Airmen our nation has to offer. As commander of the Headquarters Readiness and Integration Organization, it’s an absolute privilege to serve the nearly 8,000 IMAs around the world. My top priority is to ensure every IMA is equipped with the training and resources he or she needs.

Today’s Reserve Citizen Airmen have more options to serve than ever before and the correlation between an Airman’s desire to serve and the support system in place for him or her is undeniable. With this in mind, HQ RIO has created a new vision: One trusted team making it easy to serve.

This new vision focuses our efforts to reduce the administrative burden placed on our IMAs and is built on a foundation of trust. Just as our IMAs earn the trust of their regular Air Force organizations and agencies, HQ RIO will earn the trust of the IMA force through timely and accurate support and clearly defined processes.

This means reducing the inefficiencies in the orders process, reducing the processing time for travel vouchers and improving the multitude of processes in place to support each individual Reservist. Our steadfast commitment is to provide the administrative support needed while valuing each and every one of our Airmen.

There are numerous resources available to IMAs so they never have to feel alone. The support system begins with the individual Reservist’s active-duty Air Force unit and the senior IMAs and base agencies there.

Beyond these immediate resources, our detachments found worldwide, Reserve advisors, mobilization assistants and I are always standing by to help.

Thank you for your continued service and all you do! For more information, check out the RIO Connect app; the HQ RIO website, http://www.arpc.afrc.af.mil/Home/HQRIO.aspx; our Facebook page, www.facebook.com/HQRIO; or our Twitter feed, www.twitter.com/HQRIO.            #ReserveReform

(Boehle is the commander of HQ RIO)