Developmental education opportunities for Reserve Citizen Airmen

Reserve Citizen Airmen are selected every year to attend developmental education courses boarded through the Reserve School Selection Board, the Reserve Developmental Education Designation Board and the Enlisted Developmental Education Board.

The boards are held quarterly over a five-day period at HQ Air Reserve Personnel Center, Buckley Air Force Base, Colorado, and attended by officer and enlisted senior leaders from a cross-section of the Air Force Reserve.

“Many enduring learning habits and networking opportunities are formed in the halls of these great professional development tours,” said Col. Shelley Kavlick, Reserve advisor for Air War College at Maxwell AFB, Alabama. She said attending these leadership courses “challenges students to think above the operational level,” preparing them for future leadership roles.

Reserve members selected for one of these courses experience unique opportunities ranging from short five-day courses located around the globe, to 10-month fellowship programs that lead graduates to notable follow-on assignments.

Enlisted force development prepares Airmen for the transition from the tactical to operational and eventually, strategic levels of decision making and leadership.

High performing Air Force Reserve officer and enlisted members looking for new challenges and career broadening opportunities should review the invitation to apply found on the myPers/force development page (https://mypers.af.mil/app/home) or ARPC force development page (https://www.arpc.afrc.af.mil/force-development/).

A complete list of educational opportunities, and when the boards are held, can be found on the myPers force development page.