Combating the Evaluations Backlog



(Editor’s note: In an effort to ensure Reserve Citizen Airmen stay up-to-date on personnel information important to them, Citizen Airman will run regular features from the Air Resere Personnel Center in the magazine. Look for the ARPC header to identify important personnel news.)

Headquarters Air Reserve Personnel Center strives to provide Reserve Citizen Airmen exceptional customer service throughout the Airman life cycle through innovation and process improvement.

On Aug. 1, HQ ARPC and the Air Force Personnel Center, Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph, Texas, centralized call center operations to provide Airmen of all components access to agents 24 hours a day. Not only did this reallocation of manpower reduce caller wait times, but HQ ARPC was able to focus resources on reducing the processing time for officer performance reports and enlisted performance reports.

Following the centralization, HQ ARPC has been able to process an average of 800 evaluations a week and has reduced the backlog of evaluations by more than 75 percent as of Dec. 31.

Prior to the centralization, more than 35 percent of evaluations were returned to the wings for corrections. In response to this, HQ ARPC encouraged specialists from the wing level to visit HQ ARPC, receive training from subject matter experts and process evaluations from their own wings. Thanks in part to this initiative, HQ ARPC has seen the number of returned evaluations reduced to 5 percent.

HQ ARPC also implemented an innovative new evaluation screening system created locally by the Future Operations and Integration Directorate. This automated system is able to scan all incoming evaluations for data errors before reaching a technician, creating a more efficient process by reducing the “touch time” spent on processing each evaluation.

Overall, the current initiatives have improved the capability to process evaluations in a timely and more efficient manner and better postures HQ ARPC for the upcoming workload surges due to static close-out dates in 2019.

As HQ ARPC continues to improve internal processes to combat the current backlog, priority processing will be applied to evaluations from members meeting promotion boards.