New financial readiness training required


Financial readiness training is now required for all Reserve Citizen Airmen at defined touchpoints throughout their military career.

“In an effort to improve or sustain the financial readiness and literacy of all Airmen, the Air Force has directed that all military members will receive financial readiness training at key points throughout their career,” said Brande Newsome, chief of the Integrated Resilience Branch at Headquarters Air Force Reserve Command at Robins Air Force Base, Georgia.

“We’ve learned over the years there are events in a person’s military and personal life that can possibly have a negative impact on that person’s financial readiness. We’re hoping that short training events at these key points will help our people avoid the financial pitfalls that might be out there,” she added.

The Air Force defines financial readiness as “the state in which successful management of personal financial responsibilities supports an Airman’s ability to perform his or wartime responsibilities.” Financial literacy is defined as “possessing skills and knowledge that allow Airmen to make informed and effective personal financial decisions.”

The career touchpoints that will trigger required financial readiness training are:

Initial entry training

Arrival at first duty station

Arrival at subsequent duty station (E-4/O-3 and below)

Promotion (E-5/O-4 and below)

Vests in Thrift Savings Plan

Continuation pay

Transition to Reserve component, separation or retirement

Leadership training



Birth of child



Disabling sickness or condition

Newsome said training for some of these touchpoints, including initial entry, first duty station, continuation pay, and transition to Reserve component, separation or retirement, are already in place and will not change. Financial training for pre-deployment is available online in the Air Force Distance Learning System or in person from the Airman and Family Readiness Center.

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