Development Teams: Shaping the future of the Air Force Reserve


“Airmen are our most valuable resource. The Air Reserve Personnel Center must provide exceptional service to those Airmen so they can produce combat power for our joint forces,” Lt. Gen. Richard Scobee, Air Force Reserve Command commander, said during a recent visit to Headquarters ARPC, Buckley Air Force Base, Colorado.

One of the ways HQ ARPC provides exceptional personnel services is by facilitating development team board meetings for the Reserve. During these DTs, senior officers review Airmen’s development plans to identify future leaders of the Air Force Reserve.

Officer and enlisted DT boards review performance reports, decorations, educational milestones and deployments. While these factors are fairly straightforward, board members also take into account the whole-person concept when considering their recommendations for follow-on assignments. Board members strive to provide members with recommendations in line with their stated objectives while selecting top performers for the key personnel list.

While the board members are charged with vectoring and mentoring the career field, the key to the success of the DTs resides with each Reservist.

Each year for officers and every other year for enlisted members, Reservists are given the opportunity to voice their personal and professional goals by submitting their development plan.

Prior to submitting their development plan, it is essential for members to consult with their leadership to ensure the plan appropriately conveys the member’s career goals and preferred future assignments.

The development team board uses this information, in conjunction with its expertise in career field management, to appropriately vector members to opportunities that advance their career development and meet future mission requirements.

Providing Airmen an opportunity to voice their career aspirations to decision makers within their career field is a service that is essential to relevant and timely career development. For more information on Reserve development plans and development team boards hosted by HQ ARPC, visit the Force Development section of myPers and the HQ ARPC website, arpc.afrc.af.mil.

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