• Setting the Course

    Chief Master Sgt. Ericka Kelly has a lot on her plate. As Air Force Reserve Command’s command chief master sergeant, she has to stay on top of all issues regarding the readiness, training, welfare, morale, proper utilization and progress of more than 55,000 enlisted Reserve Citizen Airmen – both for today and for tomorrow.
  • TAP in a Snap

    Recent policy changes are making it easier for Air Force Reservists to meet mandatory Transition Assistance Program requirements.
  • OPSEC in the Social Media Age

    In late January, Secretary of the Air Force Dr. Heather Wilson and Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. David Goldfein released a joint memorandum on operational security and the renewed need to protect sensitive and classified information.
  • Tibetan Buddhist: IMA Brings Religious Diversity to Air Force Chaplain Team

    When Reserve Citizen Airman 1st Lt. Brett Campbell graduated from chaplain school in late September, he took on a record-setting role within the entire Air Force.
  • They Don’t Just Hunt Hurricanes: Weather Reconnaissance Squadron Members Gather Data for Winter Storms

    The end of the hurricane season doesn’t end the mission of the Air Force Reserve “Hurricane Hunters.”
  • Value of Decompression: Transition Center Helps Deployed Members Prepare for Life Back Home

    There’s a little-known gem nestled in the hills of Germany that can help all who are deployed decompress before returning home.
  • Helping Hand: Employee Assistance Program Available to All Civilians

    For civilian employees of Air Force Reserve Command who need a little helping hand in dealing with any of life’s myriad challenges, assistance is just a phone call or a mouse click away.
  • Senior Mentor: Reservist Serves Key Role in Veterans Treatment Court

    Joseph Stickle thanked the arresting officer when he was picked up for heroin possession in his hometown of Tampa, Florida, last year.“He saved my life,” said Stickle, a U.S. Navy veteran with a 35-year history of drug and alcohol abuse.The arrest cost him his marriage and relationship with his kids but led him to Senior Master Sgt. James Salgado
  • Leap of Faith: Stepping Outside of Comfort Zone Leads to Opportunities

    The 2018 Enlisted Developmental Education Board will convene in May at the Air Reserve Personnel Center, Buckley Air Force Base, Colorado. As part of the EDEB, Air Force Reserve Command will offer senior NCOs the opportunity to apply for the Air Force Enlisted Legislative Fellowship.
  • Air Force Resolves Yellow Ribbon Travel Funding Issue

    Air Force leaders have resolved a situation that temporarily limited how many guests the service could fund to accompany Reserve Citizen Airmen to Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program training weekends. “I’m delighted we are going back to the way we’ve always done it,” said Mary Hill, Yellow Ribbon program manager at Air Force Reserve Command headquarters, Robins Air Force Base, Georgia.

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