• Air Force looking for Reserve Citizen Airmen with computer language skills

    Reserve Citizen Airmen with computer language knowledge now have the opportunity to put their coding skills to use for the Air Force.After completing the Computer Language Self-Assessment on myPers, qualified Airmen may be selected for temporary duty assignments across the Air Force.“Reservists bring the warrior ethos we need to ensure we can
  • Air Force releases criteria for Remote Combat Effects Campaign Medal

    Air Force officials announced nomination criteria for the new Remote Combat Effects Campaign Medal following the official establishment of the decoration May 22.The new medal is part of a continuing effort to recognize Air Force military members in a non-deployed status who directly participated in a Department of Defense combat operation from a
  • AFWERX: Reserve Citizen Airmen uniquely positioned to support innovation initiative

    People involved with AFWERX, the Air Force’s latest initiative to promote innovation across the service, believe Reserve Citizen Airmen are a valuable weapon in the drive to solve problems and enhance effectiveness.“Citizen Airmen – both Guard and Reserve – are in a great position to influence and continue nudging the big bureaucracy that is the
  • Resilience tactical pause: As suicide rates climb, the Air Force takes time to focus on connectedness

    With the Air Force and the Air Force Reserve facing an increase in the number of suicides, senior leaders directed a resilience tactical pause – a time for all Airmen (military and civilian) to gather with their coworkers and focus on connectedness and resilience. “My goal is to build healthy Airmen – Airmen who are mentally, psychologically,
  • Resilience tactical pause tips for individual Reservists

    While traditional Reservists will participate in their unit’s resilience tactical pause during a unit training assembly weekend, individual Reservists’ participation in resilience training may prove more challenging since their active-duty assigned units may execute resilience tactical pause events when the individual Reservist is not scheduled for
  • A1 Next: Manpower, Personnel and Services Directorate transformation embraces holistic reform

    As part of the Air Force Reserve’s efforts to reform the organization, Lt. Gen. Richard Scobee, commander of Air Force Reserve Command and chief of the Air Force Reserve, directed transformation of the AFRC’s A1 manpower, personnel and services directorate to better serve Airmen’s human resource and manning needs.
  • A1 support team to be available on primary UTA weekends

    As the Air Force Reserve Command focuses on prioritizing strategic depth and accelerating readiness, the Headquarters AFRC Manpower, Personnel and Services Directorate is going the extra mile to support Reserve units across the country.Beginning in October, the A1 directorate will have a team available to provide support to the field on all primary
  • A1 transformation in action

    Here are some of the main A1 Next initiatives as Air Force Reserve Command’s Manpower, Personnel andServices Directorate transforms to better serve Airmen’s human resource and manning needs:AFRC/A1 UTA weekend manning (see accompanying story)Streamlining of AGR program and AGR deployment policiesMobilization process reformManpower standard
  • ‘Another arrow in the quiver’: Laser-guided bombs are back in the belly of the B-52

    Laser-guided bomb units, commonly referred to as LGBs, were dropped from the bomb bay of a B-52 Stratofortress for the first time in nearly a decade during an operational test performed by the 49th Test and Evaluation Squadron, Barksdale Air Force Base, Louisiana, in late August.The munitions used to be dropped from the bomb bay of the jet using a
  • Patriot Warrior 2019: Citizen Airmen hone their skills at Air Force Reserve Command’s premier exercise

    More than 600 Reserve Citizen Airmen from 42 installations descended upon three different military installations at Patriot Warrior 2019 this summer.Fort McCoy, Wisconsin, served as the primary exercise site, while Dobbins Air Reserve Base, Georgia, and Minneapolis-Saint Paul Air Reserve Station, Minnesota, act as support locations. The exercise

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