• Carpathian Summer: Reserve Citizen Airmen strengthen bond with Romanian air force

    A group of Reserve Citizen Airmen spent two weeks this summer strengthening the already-strong bond they share with the Romanian air force.Reservists and C-130H Hercules aircraft from the 908th Airlift Wing, Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama, trained with their counterparts from the Romanian air force during the annual Carpathian Summer exercise at
  • Pep talks and Pepto-Bismol: Reserve Citizen Airmen care for cadets

    Each year, Reserve Citizen Airmen from across the country migrate to Jack’s Valley Training Complex, located on a remote section of the U.S. Air Force Academy campus in Colorado, to support the next generation of Air Force leaders.Nearly 1,000 cadets join the Air Force officer ranks annually through commissioning at the Academy. Before graduation
  • 3D printing:Youngstown helps the Air Force test new manufacturing technique

    Imagine you’re camping in the woods in your favorite 1982 off-road, full-suite recreational vehicle. One day you close your kitchen cabinet door a little too hard and it falls of the hinges and cracks in half.You are miles away from civilization, so you make some calls and find out parts for your RV model haven’t been produced for 10 years. The
  • AFH1 phone app available on Apple and Google Play

    Airmen have a new digital option to stay current on Air Force knowledge and to help prepare for promotion testing with the debut of the Air Force Handbook 1 phone application, released in September by Air Education and Training Command officials.
  • Developmental education opportunities for Reserve Citizen Airmen

    Reserve Citizen Airmen are selected every year to attend developmental education courses boarded through the Reserve School Selection Board, the Reserve Developmental Education Designation Board and the Enlisted Developmental Education Board.
  • Hurricane season continues through November

    The Atlantic hurricane season runs through the end of November, and staying prepared by having a plan is critical to surviving a potential disaster.
  • Development Teams: Shaping the future of the Air Force Reserve

    One of the ways HQ ARPC provides exceptional personnel services is by facilitating development team board meetings for the Reserve.
  • Swift Response: Reserve airlift squadron delivers during European exercise

    Air Force Reserve loadmasters from the 403rd Wing’s 815th Airlift Squadron, Keesler Air Force Base, Mississippi, had a huge role in making sure all of the paratroopers got out safely during Swift Response jump missions. They rigged the aircraft with anchor cables for the static lines to ensure soldiers from the U.S. Army Airborne Divisions, along with any NATO airborne allies on board, could safely jump from the C-130J.
  • Tri-Lightning: Three-nation F-35 exercise demonstrates air power interoperability

    The Air Force Reserve plays an integral role in global and national security and proved it recently when F-35 Lightning II aircraft from Hill Air Force Base, Utah’s Reserve and active-duty fighter wings joined other F-35s from the United Kingdom and Israel to participate in Exercise Tri-Lightning over the Eastern Mediterranean Sea.
  • Out With the Old: Aircrews get new anti-smoke goggles

    If smoke starts filling up a C-130J Super Hercules aircraft, the aircrew reach for their Anti-Smoke Goggles. For more than 20 years the ASGs have been a basic four-part system, until now.

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