• New Combat Rescue Group stands up in Arizona

    The 943rd Rescue Group became Air Force Reserve Command’s newest unit when it was officially activated at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Ariz., Feb. 12. The Air Force activated the rescue group “to allow for better management efficiency of Air Force resources,” said AFRC officials. They said the Air Force will continue to look for better ways to
  • F-16s Spar with Fighter of the Future

    Air Force Reserve F-16 pilots from Luke Air Force Base, Ariz., who deployed to Nevada to fly their aircraft against the F/A-22 came away very impressed with the capability of the Air Force’s newest air-superiority fighter. The F/A-22 Raptor air-superiority fighter combines stealth, supercruise, maneuverability and many other features enabling a
  • Changes clear way for active-duty retirees to join the Reserve

    Retirees from active duty can continue serving their country by joining the Air Force Reserve thanks to changes in the law and Air Force instructions. Known by a variety of names, the ability for active-duty retirees to join the Reserve was made possible when Congress passed the 2001 National Defense Authorization Act. The act added a new section
  • Pair makes a positive difference -- one stitch at a time

    Coping with the many stresses of everyday life can be challenging for military members trying to recover from injuries suffered while deployed in a combat zone. In an effort to use their talents to help relieve these stresses, two women joined forces to establish an organization dedicated to dealing with a rather simple, but often overlooked,
  • Colonel accepts symbol of sacrifice on behalf of her wing

    Every Air Force Reservist makes sacrifices. That’s why Lt. Col. Charlene Nelson felt a little uncomfortable when she found out the Ground Zero Association wanted to honor her for the sacrifices she has made since 9/11. Colonel Nelson is the executive officer for the 315th Airlift Wing, Charleston Air Force Base, S.C. When she got the call that the
  • Reservists fly final C-141 mission in support of Operation Deep Freeze

    Another chapter — a frigid one — in the storied history of the venerable C-141 Starlifter came to a close Feb. 4 as a select crew of Air Force Reservists powered aircraft number 152 away from the South Pole for the final time. For 39 years, active-duty and Reserve crews flew C-141s loaded with personnel and equipment to Antarctica in support of the
  • Flexibility a key for training, educating, assigning Airmen

    Force development for members of the Air Force Reserve will be tailored to meet the needs of Citizen Airmen and be flexible enough to satisfy the career goals of Reservists of all shapes and sizes, according to the officer overseeing the program. Maj. Dean Hicks, force development point person for the Air Force Reserve at the Pentagon, said no one
  • Cellmates: Doing time with Reserve HQ's expeditionary team builder

    The chalk scratchings on the blackboard from eighth-grade biology class still haunt the memories of many Airmen. A bespectacled teacher — between passed notes, bad jokes and marked-up Peechee folders — wrote the message sandwiched between the words mitosis, meiosis and mitochondrion: Cells are the basic building blocks of life. Fast-forward to the
  • Reservist astronaut counting down the days until he blasts into space

    One day this summer, a 48-year-old Air Force Reservist is scheduled to join one of the most elite clubs on this planet — the alliance of men and women who have traveled into space. Lt. Col. Mike Fossum, a NASA astronaut and individual mobilization augmentee assigned to the F-16 System Program Office at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, will be
  • Exception-to-the-rule chief retires after 22 years occupying top enlisted rank

    For enlisted Airmen, achieving the Air Force’s highest enlisted rank, chief master sergeant, is a common career goal. But the reality is very few people actually reach this lofty goal, and those who do usually reach it at the end of their military career. Chief Master Sgt. Thomas Angel is an exception to the rule. Not only did Chief Angel succeed

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