• Major changes to medical policies good news for Reservists

    When Col. John Buterbaugh took the helm as the command surgeon at Air Force Reserve Command in late summer 2018, he wanted to make some bold changes to improve processes for the 70,000 Reserve Citizen Airmen serving across the nation and around the world.
  • Active Guard and Reserve

    In today’s Air Force Reserve, there are many career paths and options for Reserve Citizen Airmen currently serving. One of these options is the Active Guard and Reserve program, which offers many unique benefits for Reservists who are willing to serve on a full-time basis.
  • Shaping the Air Force

    It’s not every day a pair of Reserve Citizen Airmen maintainers get to help shape the future of the Air Force. But events like the recent light attack experiment occasionally provide the opportunity.
  • A Good Impression

    Air Force Reserve Brig. Gen. Christian Funk was back on the field with the Air Force Academy football team Oct. 19 when the Falcons played the University of Nevada Las Vegas at Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas. A football standout at the Academy, Funk was the 1984 Western Athletic Conference co-defensive player of the year. He served as the honorary captain for the game against UNLV and was on the field for the coin toss.
  • We are all survivors

    Having faced numerous hardships throughout her life, it would have been easy for Kristen Christy to give up. Instead, she has dedicated her life to giving back.
  • Quiet Professionals

    From an airfield that once served as the training grounds for the famed Doolittle Raiders, Citizen Air Commandos from the 919th Special Operations Wing, Duke Field, Florida, are working daily to deliver superior airpower around the world.
  • Moonlighting

    Sachiko Boland, a staff sergeant in the Air Force Reserve who serves as a separations specialist at the Air Reserve Personnel Center in Denver, was strolling around the Colorado Renaissance Festival in the summer of 1999 in a Renaissance-period costume when she unwillingly picked up a small passenger.
  • Resilience

    Every morning when Scott Palomino attaches his prosthetic leg and every night when he takes it off, he thinks about April 10, 2004 – the day his life changed forever.
  • Building an Invisible Shield

    Master Sgt. Robert Beveridge stands at the forefront of cyber operations for the 910th Airlift Wing, Youngstown Air Reserve Station, Ohio, but his contributions and impact to cyber defense are greater than the sum of his Reserve duties there.
  • Life Savers

    This year the Air Force celebrates 75 years of air evacuations and the scores of injured service members who have been safely flown from combat areas to higher echelons of care.

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