From the Top: Vision document focuses on our role as an unrivaled wingman

Lt. Gen. John A. Bradley

Lt. Gen. John A. Bradley

WASHINGTON -- Your Air Force Reserve vision document, titled “One Air Force ... Same Fight — An Unrivaled Wingman,” is in the final stages of editing for publication later this month.

You can rest assured that this document was not the work of a single person nor was it conceived and built in isolation. In its entirety, it emphasizes the ideas that are most important to me, like the unrivaled wingman concept, and outlines the goals derived from the in-depth knowledge and experience of those closest to the Air Force Reserve — those with an understanding of our extraordinary capabilities across a myriad of mission areas.

My Transformation Steering Group devoted more than a year to compile and distill the views, priorities and recommendations of people from across our component, our service and the Department of Defense. Members of the group conducted more than 50 interviews with Air Force Reserve senior leaders and authoritative officials from the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the Joint Staff, the Secretary of the Air Force and the Air Staff.

The insights came from across the spectrum of Reservists — traditional Reservists, individual mobilization augmentees, air reserve technicians and members of the active Guard and Reserve — and represented the interests of officers, enlisted members and civilians. The group used an unrestrained, iterative process to validate our progress and ensure the vision complimented and enhanced the Air Force vision.

You can expect to receive more information on how we can work together to become stronger, leaner and more agile, but for now I challenge each of you to do your part in becoming an unrivaled wingman. Continue to look for ways to improve processes and boost efficiency. Make sure we’re doing things that need to be done ahead of things that are nice to have done. Stop doing things that don’t need to be done!

The vision reflects a large undertaking that is much more than a “glossy” that sits on a shelf and gathers dust. It has already helped us develop the Air Force Reserve “Guiding Principles” white paper and will be fundamental in guiding our future strategic planning and communications.

We are facing some big changes, and I need everyone to work together to emerge better equipped and more ready than ever to confront the current and future enemies that threaten our nation. Thank you for supporting these initiatives and, again, for the incredible contribution you make to the security of this nation.