Chief's View: AFRC -- An equal partner ready to take on any challenge

Chief Master Sgt. Dwight Badgett, command chief master sergeant, Air Force Reserve Command

Chief Master Sgt. Dwight Badgett, command chief master sergeant, Air Force Reserve Command

Citizen Airman/June 2011 -- While I have traveled around the command over the last 12 months, you have shown me that the Air Force Reserve Command is truly an equal partner in our U.S. Air Force.

Flying on special operations missions, observing low-level air drops, admiring the receiving end of an aerial refueling and witnessing the skill of our aerial porters competing to be the best has allowed me to gain a new respect for your talents. You have impressed senior leaders around the Department of Defense as you fly, train, evaluate, test, deploy and fight. In addition, I am impressed by your care and compassion as you accomplish the critical mission of the dignified transfer of our fallen heroes. The amazing Airmen performing these missions are all proud Citizen Airmen assigned to AFRC.

But you have not rested on your accomplishments. We will excel in new and expanded mission areas like remotely piloted aircraft, space operations and maintenance, training, rescue operations, and intelligence. As we move into these new and exciting missions, I know you will attack them with the same enthusiasm and professionalism that you have demonstrated over the past 43 years.

AFR 2012 is more than just a good idea. It is a new and better way of doing business. We all know that we live in a time when financial concerns have become a matter of national security. These improvements will allow you to do your jobs better but also be more cost-effective as you do them.

As we move forward with AFR 2012, you will continue to show the world that you can take on any challenge. And the improvements in how we do business will help you do them more efficiently. You are truly the best, and your performance at home station, during exercises and especially while deployed in a contingency environment prove that you are at the front of every mission our nation asks you to perform.