Chief’s View: Shrinking resources require innovative solutions to accomplish the mission

Chief Master Sgt. Dwight Badgett, command chief master sergeant, Air Force Reserve Command

Chief Master Sgt. Dwight Badgett, command chief master sergeant, Air Force Reserve Command

Citizen Airman/October 2011 -- If you have been in the Air Force more than 10 years, you know that it sometimes seems the only constant in our world is change. We have seen a lot of improvements in our Air Force as a whole and within Air Force Reserve Command specifically during this time, and we will experience many more during the next decade.

In recent months, the news media have reported the challenges we face with our national debt and reduced federal budgets and their effect on national security. Our secretary of defense has even called the federal debt a "matter of national security," and, as a nation, we have to address this now. The bottom line is we will see adjustments in the level of funding in the coming years as we balance priorities with available resources. But, make no mistake, national defense is not negotiable.

Our challenge as Airmen is we have to lead the way in finding innovative ways to provide a superior but efficient national defense. You are all leaders in our Air Force and in your communities. We need you to ensure we use all resources available to us to defend this nation and tell our story as a command.

Please do not allow the rumor mill to dictate how our Airmen respond to the challenges that will come. Make sure they have the facts about our mission, the available resources and how we use the national military strategy to protect this nation as our fellow citizens expect
and demand.

Our leaders, both civilian and military, will have to make some very tough decisions in the next few years. Our job is to take the resources provided by our government and accomplish the mission as directed by our leadership.

You are the best Air Force in the world, and as you have always done, you will find innovative solutions to accomplish the mission with the resources provided. Aim high ... fly, fight and win.