From the Top: With an abundance of memories and lessons learned, I bid you a fond farewell

Lt. Gen. Charles E. Stenner Jr., Air Force Reserve Command commander and chief of Air Force Reserve.

Lt. Gen. Charles E. Stenner Jr., Air Force Reserve Command commander and chief of Air Force Reserve.

Citizen Airman/June 2012 -- Since 2008 I have had the privilege to be your commander and the honor to work alongside you, the Citizen Airmen of the Air Force Reserve. I have learned a lot during my 39 years of service to our country, and it humbles me.

I have learned that the American Airman can do anything. Whether it's the maintainer working in the driving snow, the airlifter landing on a dirt strip in a hostile land, the cyber troop who ushers in the latest generation of warfare or any one of the Air Force missions that the Reserve conducts, we adapt and excel faster than the adversary.

I have learned that people, not equipment, are most important. Our tenacious Reservists work hard at their civilian occupations and devote their off time to protecting our nation, while our full-time Reservists ensure all the essential resources are in place to maximize our effectiveness and efficiencies.

And I have learned that success takes a team, a team built on trusting relationships. A professional officer and enlisted force -- educated in the preservation of peace and trained in the conduct of war -- is at the core of this success. Just as important is our close relationship with our civilian work force and the civilian leadership of the nation. It takes a team, and each of you is an essential part of it.

As I take leave of my final command, I do so with great hope and optimism. I have hope that we as a nation will continue to realize and appreciate the essential capability that our Reservists provide in defense of our country. I have optimism that the mid-level leaders of our Reserve are well prepared for the challenges that lie ahead and that the junior members of our command, the backbone of the Reserve, are in the care of competent and well-prepared leaders.

It is with these memories and life lessons that I bid you all a fond farewell. Your loyalty to my command will never fade from memory, and I thank you for your tremendous sacrifice and patriotism that knows no limit. Safe journeys as you continue to protect our great nation, and know I am forever grateful for your service. Godspeed.