From the Top: Lucky to lead and ready to serve

Maj. Gen. James F. Jackson

Maj. Gen. James F. Jackson

Citizen Airman/Oct. 2012 -- I am one lucky guy.
I am lucky, and humbled, to have the trust placed in me to serve as chief of the Air Force Reserve and commander, Air Force Reserve Command. During my active and Reserve career, I have had the opportunity to see the inner workings of many commands and organizations, and you won't find a better outfit than the Air Force Reserve.

It is appropriate that the name of this magazine is Citizen Airman, because the vast majority of the success of Air Force Reserve Command can be attributed to you, the Citizen Airmen. You are the heart and soul of this command. I am confident that with your support and dedication, we will continue to build upon our past accomplishments to attain even higher levels of success.

A few days after I took command, Gen. Mark E. Welsh III assumed responsibilities as the 20th chief of staff of the Air Force. In his speech, Welsh said, "I believe the Air Force remains the model of total force integration. In battlespaces all over the world, active duty, Guard and Reserve Airmen today operate seamlessly to get the job done, and they expect us to do the same back here. I commit myself to doing exactly that. ... I believe every member of our Air Force family is critically important to our success, and each of them deserves to be treated that way."

We are very fortunate to have a leader who recognizes the importance of the total force and the contribution of Air Force Reservists around the world.

This is an uncertain time for both our nation and our Air Force. We face the real possibility of additional changes to force structure, and difficult decisions are still to be made. However, one thing is certain -- the Air Force Reserve is a strong and critical component of our nation's defense.

I look forward to visiting with you over the coming years. I want to hear your ideas and recommendations as I connect Air Force priorities to our Reserve capabilities. I am committed to ensuring we are always prepared to accomplish our mission. We will continue to strengthen our AFR team and stand ready to meet new security challenges in the future.

We will focus on our strengths, the greatest of which is you -- our Airmen.
Thanks for all you do.