Optimizing Full-Time Support to Accelerate Readiness

Lt. Gen. Scobee

Lt. Gen. Richard Scobee, Air Force Reserve Command commander and chief of Air Force Reserve.

Heroes of the Air Force Reserve: Our most important weapon system is you – our Airmen and your families. To ensure your readiness, we require adequate manning at each level of our organization and an optimal mix of full-time support and part-time personnel.

Over the last several years, the number and duration of full-time Air Reserve Technician vacancies has grown, impacting unit-level readiness and our capability to perform mission-
essential tasks.

In an effort to positively impact readiness and lethality, and in alignment with the National Defense Strategy, the Air Force Reserve will convert approximately 1,200 ART positions to Active Guard/Reserve positions over the next three years. As the name implies, AGRs are Reserve members who serve in a full-time, active-duty status and receive the associated entitlements, including basic allowance for housing, subsistence allowance, health care and retirement benefits.

Converting select ART positions to AGR positions will enable us to fill vacancies in a more timely manner. The AGR hiring process is not only faster than the civilian hiring process, it is also much simpler for both the hiring authority and the applicant. The end result will be a decrease in the number and duration of vacancies and an increase in unit readiness, cohesion and morale.

Improving our full-time manning levels will boost our capability to generate combat-ready forces who can fly, fight and win. In addition, increasing our full-time support will ease the workload across the Air Force Reserve, giving Reserve Citizen Airmen additional time to devote to family, career, mission-essential training and individual wellness – one of our key focus areas.

Although some ART positions will convert to AGR positions, the ART program will remain a viable and important part of our full-time support. The conversion will only affect 13.5 percent of all ART positions.

We are still in the process of determining which ART positions will convert, but we will be targeting chronically vacant positions first. Therefore, only a small percentage of current ARTs will be affected and those conversions will be strictly voluntary.

If any ART position which is currently filled is selected, the incumbent will be given the option to change to AGR status. Those ARTs who do transition to AGRs will have return rights to civil service.

Having been an ART for more than 10 years myself, I’m very familiar with the nuances of the ART program and I’m aware of the impacts of converting an ART position to an AGR position. I am committed to ensuring we provide excellent support to those ARTs who do convert to AGR status and to ensuring there is minimal impact on our units during the process.

I am also committed to providing you with clear guidance on the ART-to-AGR conversion, addressing any challenges that may arise and offering you updates.

There is a wealth of information on the myPers web page,

including information about the AGR program and AGR job advertisements, recruitment, relocation and retention programs, and incentives for qualifying personnel. To view this information, visit https://mypers.af.mil and click on the Air Force Reserve Active/Guard Reserve hyperlink.

These select ART-to-AGR conversions will ensure every Air Force Reserve squadron is trained, equipped and optimally manned, enabling us to remain a lethal, flexible and combat-ready force.

Maintaining robust full-time support will guarantee we continue to provide critical capabilities to our joint partners in support of our national security.

I thank you and your families for your service to this great nation!