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  • Chief’s View: Our Enlisted Team

    The beginning of the fiscal year is a good time to look back at where we have been as a force and where we are going. Like General Jackson, I have about a year left in the seat, and I am committed to ensuring our Air Force Reserve remains a strong and viable force. My goal is to do my part to build the future force and develop our enlisted team as
  • From the Top: The Strategic Master Plan and the AFR

    In May, the secretary of the Air Force and the chief of staff of the Air Force published their Strategic Master Plan. It is the latest in a series of documents the Air Force has released explaining who we are and what we need to do to remain the best Air Force in the world.The Strategic Master Plan is designed to help planners integrate their
  • Chief's View: Connect -- Relate --Care

    This month I want to talk about connections again. As you know, one of my focus areas is team wellness, which includes taking care of our Airmen and their families. Making connections is the essential first step in creating a strong team environment.As General Jackson explains, we need to connect on a peer-to-peer level, a supervisor-to-subordinate
  • From the Top: Significant in the Past, Critical to the Future

    On 14 April, we celebrated the 67th anniversary of the Air Force Reserve. This milestone allowed us to reflect on some of the great leaders who have gone before us -- airpower giants like Col. Jackie Cochran, Gen. James H. "Jimmy" Doolittle, Brig. Gen. Jimmy Stewart, Brig. Gen. Charles Lindbergh, Maj. Gen. Betty Mullis and Capt. Ronald Reagan.
  • Chief’s View: Bold Leaders Wanted

    As General Jackson mentioned, we recently celebrated our 67th birthday as an independent component. This milestone gave us a fantastic opportunity to reflect on the past. It also provided the perfect opportunity to think about the future. We know we are going to remain critical to the future, but to accomplish this as a force we need bold leaders
  • From the Top: A Hedge Against Uncertainty

    Each year I provide a written testimony to Congress on behalf of the Air Force Reserve. This testimony explains where we are and where we would like to go in the future. This month I want to share with you some highlights included in this year's statement.As most of you know, the Air Force Reserve provides integrated and flexible operational
  • Chief's View: Developing Our Airmen

    One of my goals as your chief is to mentor and grow our enlisted force. I understand that our force is only as strong as the men and women who volunteer to serve. Our goal in the Air Force Reserve is to provide opportunities to strengthen the force and develop our enlisted Airmen.This month, I want to highlight some of the changes going on across
  • From the Top: A Culture of Connection

    This past year was busy. Our operational tempo remained high as the nation faced unexpected threats. We demonstrated our operational capability, strategic depth and surge capacity for the Air Force, and you performed superbly.You should be proud of your contribution to our nation's defense. I am immensely proud of the way you have accomplished the
  • Chief's View: Each One Reach One

    Welcome to 2015! This year we want to focus on connections. In the December issue of Citizen Airman, we talked about the importance of comprehensive Airman fitness. Wellness for our Airmen and their families involves physical, mental, spiritual and social aspects. This year my focus for team wellness is going to be based on the idea of creating
  • From the Top: A Sense of Belonging

    As this holiday season approaches, Barb and I want you to know we appreciate your service.  This year has been challenging, but you answered the nation's call without fail. This holiday season is a perfect opportunity to reconnect with friends and loved ones, but for some it may be a challenging time. Use this time to strengthen our wingman culture

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