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  • Chief's View: Thanks for your strong leadership, support of our enlisted force

    As I prepare to depart Air Force Reserve Command Feb. 23, I want to thank each of you for your strong leadership and support for our enlisted force, my family and me. My tour of duty as the command's command chief master sergeant has been awesome. Your pride and professionalism are beyond reproach and continue to make the difference in our ability
  • From the Top: Reserve celebrates 10th year as Air Force's ninth major command

    Congratulations! Air Force Reserve Command celebrates its 10th anniversary in February. In 1997, the Air Force Reserve was officially elevated from a field operating agency to the Air Force's ninth major command -- Air Force Reserve Command. This action formalized our role as a proud partner in the Total Force and implemented the requirement in the
  • Chief's View: This holiday season, let's not forget those still fighting for freedom

    Another year comes to an end, and we enter the holiday season. Now is the perfect time for all of us to reflect upon our numerous blessings and accomplishments. In August, our commander, Lt. Gen. John A. Bradley, and I toured the Southwest Asia area of responsibility and saw many members of Air Force Reserve Command standing shoulder to shoulder
  • From the Top: No better time to be a Reservist

    The year 2006 has been a time of significant accomplishment for us in all areas of the Air Force Reserve. We should remember those things that provided exciting opportunities, those things that challenged us and the missions we accomplished despite the challenges. In addition, we should pause and give thanks for the support we've received from our
  • Chief's View: Effective communication key to helping people cope with change

    Have you seen a copy of Air Force Reserve Command's new vision document, "One Air Force, Same Fight ... An Unrivaled Wingman"? If not, you should review it. Copies have been sent to all wing locations; however, it's also available on the AFRC homepage. It's a great publication, and you need to be fully aware of the mission, purpose, vision and
  • From The Top: People’s welfare our top priority as we deal with difficult issues

    Currently, many changes are being implemented or contemplated in response to base realignments and closures, total force integration, manpower cuts, and tightening budgets. I was the wing commander at Richards-Gebaur Air Force Base, Mo., in 1991 when it was announced that the base would be closing, so I understand the difficult decisions many of
  • From the Top: AFRC reacts to budget pressures created by global war on terrorism

    You have likely seen in the popular press that there is immense pressure on the federal budget. The global war on terrorism is very expensive, and it comes at a time when we are trying to transform our military into a more lethal, agile and streamlined force. There are three primary forces affecting how we plan and organize for the future. The
  • Chief's View: Five behaviors critical to becoming a successful, effective leader

    Have you ever wondered what the future holds? If it sounds too far off for you to be concerned about, take a look around your work area, squadron, wing, numbered air force and command. You’ll see a lot of senior enlisted personnel preparing to leave the Air Force Reserve. You may say, “Who cares?” People leaving will improve my possibilities for
  • From the Chief: Characteristics serve as indicators of success or failure of unit leadership

    Have you ever thought about how we could measure the effectiveness of our leadership or whether our approaches to leadership produce the desired results? I believe there are four characteristics of a unit that are accurate indicators of the success or failure of leadership. They are discipline, morale, esprit de corps and efficiency. DISCIPLINE:
  • From the Top: Vision document focuses on our role as an unrivaled wingman

    Your Air Force Reserve vision document, titled “One Air Force ... Same Fight — An Unrivaled Wingman,” is in the final stages of editing for publication later this month. You can rest assured that this document was not the work of a single person nor was it conceived and built in isolation. In its entirety, it emphasizes the ideas that are most

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