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  • IMAs play critical role in our success

    As I travel across the command and spend time with our Airmen, I find that Individual Mobilization Augmentees (IMAs) consistently experience unique challenges.
  • To remain combat ready, we must continue to evolve, adapt

    We live in a world that is constantly changing. Today, technology evolves at a rapid pace. The global-geopolitical environment is always in flux. Equipment, strategy, tactics, theaters of operation and adversaries shift over time. If our Air Force Reserve is to remain a combat-ready force, we must continue to evolve and adapt.
  • Chief’s View: Knowing our past helps secure our future

    As the Air Force Reserve celebrates its 70th anniversary, I thought this would be the perfect time to talk about our heritage. The Reserve Citizen Airmen of yesterday paved the way for where we are today. We certainly would not be the elite fighting force we are right now without the foundation built by those who came before us.
  • Make safety a top priority on and off the job

    So far this year, the Air Force has experienced 15 Class A mishaps. Tragically, we have lost 18 lives.
  • Enlisted force development must remain a priority

    Every Citizen Airman is a vital asset to Air Force Reserve Command and enlisted force development is critical to cultivating leaders to succeed in strategic planning and executing mission operations.
  • Together we must develop exceptional Air Force Reserve leaders

    I recently had the opportunity to meet with my top senior leaders to discuss a broad range of critical challenges affecting our Air Force Reserve. Reflecting afterwards, there was one underlying truth that stood out during every discussion: Reserve Citizen Airmen are our greatest strength.
  • 70 Years and Still Going Strong

    As we enter the new year, Reserve Citizen Airmen across the country are gearing up for another unit training assembly – getting ready for two days of hard work at their squadrons after working 40 hours at their civilian jobs.
  • 70 Years of Answering our Nation’s Call

    Did you know the Air Force Reserve celebrates its 70th anniversary April 14 – just six months after the Air Force celebrated its own 70th anniversary?
  • From the Top: Reserve Citizen Airmen Accomplishing Amazing Things

    I hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving, spending time with family and giving thanks. Command Chief Master Sgt. Ericka Kelly and I took the time to look back on what a remarkable year it has been for the Air Force Reserve and all the amazing people and places we have had the opportunity to visit.As we continue to travel throughout the
  • From The Top: 'No bird soars in a calm'

    What Wilbur and Orville Wright achieved on a cold winter day in the Outer Banks of North Carolina more than 100 years ago would change history forever: The age of flight had begun. The first telegram back to Ohio to inform their parents of their great accomplishment read, “Success … Four flights Thursday morning … All against 21-mile wind …

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