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    "Discussing our different life experiences and viewpoints can be tough, uncomfortable and therefore often avoided…We can no longer walk by this problem."-General David L. Goldfein, CSAFThe ongoing pandemic and the civil unrest across the nation have given us pause to reflect on the continuing racial inequality in our society and our Air

    Let’s face it, there is a lot going on in the world right now. From daily increases in COVID-19 cases, political differences amplified during this election year and racial tensions driving change across our nation, this is an unprecedented and often difficult time for us all.Diversity, equality and addressing racial disparity are top priorities for
  • Ready to Respond ... to Any Scenario

    The reason the Air Force Reserve exists is to provide manpower and capabilities to support and defend this nation. This mandate spans the entire spectrum of operations, so we must be prepared to respond to any potential scenario.
  • Readiness or Resilient Leaders... Which Takes Precedence?

    Reserve Citizen Airman Family, Last year was a tough one for us, as we had to grapple with several natural disasters that limited our ability to train and equip, which had a direct impact on readiness.

    Heroes of the Air Force Reserve, I want to share our plan ahead for the Air Force Reserve as we help our country respond to and mitigate the spread of COVID-19. As you know, the president announced a national emergency on March 13, due to the Novel coronavirus. As your commander, I want you to know my commander’s intent going forward.

    Events with COVID-19 are moving rapidly, but as the boss said - taking care of our Airmen and families is job #1.
  • A Snapshot of Changes on the Horizon

    With the recent release of the Air Force Reserve Command E8/E9 Command Key Personnel List and the AFRC Chief Screening Board results, this is a perfect time to expand on my second line of effort I discussed in a previous Citizen Airman commentary: Deliberate talent management.
  • Diversity Makes Us Stronger

    The Air Force Reserve is one of the greatest military organizations in the world. Our diversity is one of many factors which contribute to our greatness.
  • Strengthening Your Team, Supporting Your Family

    Heroes of the Air Force Reserve,Being part of an outstanding team is an amazing feeling. I am honored to be a part of this incredible Air Force Reserve team. You, our Airmen, are highly skilled individuals, and your abilities are magnified when you work as a team. A strong team can accomplish nearly anything.I’ve witnessed the achievements of many
  • The Command Chief's New Year's Challenge

    Season’s greetings Citizen Airmen! First off, the boss and I want to say thank you. Thank you for all you have done throughout the year, and thank you for what you will continue to do in the coming year.Your steadfast service, commitment and sacrifice are commendable, and we couldn’t be more proud of you.We had a couple of rough patches this past

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