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    I have concluded that we were put on this earth for a purpose. That purpose is to make it, within our capabilities, a better place in which to live.– General James "Jimmy" DoolittleHeroes of the Air Force Reserve:Like many of you, I watched events unfold in Afghanistan with a flood of emotions. I thought back to Iraq, when a vehicle-borne

    The greatest tragedy for any human being is going through their entire life believing the only perspective that matters is their own.– Doug BaldwinThis past month has been difficult – very difficult. As I write this, we recently learned of the 13 deaths in Afghanistan, the Delta variant is running rampant, we just got hit by Hurricane Ida, and

    The Air Force Reserve relies on resilient families to enable Airmen to support its vital missions. Family resilience is tapped monthly as Reserve Citizen Airmen attend drill weekends, often requiring family members and friends to assume responsibilities back home. Additionally, many Airmen travel outside of their local area to perform unit training assemblies, compounding logistical issues.

    On September 11, 2021, we will commemorate the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on our nation. Across the world, people will pause and reflect on where they were when they heard the news, or watched events unfold in real time.

    The past 18 months have been taxing on each of us in unique ways. The pandemic and the frequent isolation associated with safety measures gave many of us time to reflect. With travel restricted and gatherings limited, I personally began to reassess my priorities and the choices I made along my own journey. As we start to resume some semblance of normalcy in our everyday lives, I want to capture some of those thoughts.
  • Embrace Change ... or Be Left Behind

    In this edition, the boss and I decided to touch on a very complex topic: change. Either you love it, hate it or just try to roll with it. It is a billion dollar industry with books, articles and podcasts all hoping to educate and coach us on how to cope, handle or even lead change. One thing is certain, if you don't embrace it and learn to evolve with the change, you will be left behind.
  • Change ...

    Change is inevitable. Change is uncertain. Change may be uncomfortable. However, it is often necessary because the risks of complacency are too great. In April, the Chief of Staff unveiled the Air Force's new mission statement. These eight words are a mandate to continue our journey as an institution because, as Airmen, we understand that good enough today will inevitably fail in tomorrow's security environment.
  • Developing Resilient Leaders

    As a command team, one of our strategic priorities is to focus on how we develop resilient leaders. We recognize the importance of leaders who have a high degree of emotional intelligence at all levels, as technical competence alone will not guarantee our future success.
  • Resources for Developing Resilient Leaders

    Developing resilient leaders can be complex. There is not a single solution or program that can mass produce the caliber of leaders we need to win in a competitive environment.

    During the holidays I spent some time reading the Air Force Inspector General’s report on the recent Racial Disparity Review. First of all, I want to thank every one of you who took the time to provide your input to make this review possible. More than 123,000 members of our Air Force family took the time to respond to the survey.

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