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The Citizen Airman staff welcomes submissions from a variety of internal sources, including Reserve public affairs offices, other Reserve organizations, individual Reservists and regular Air Force public affairs offices. The key is submissions must be directly related to the Air Force Reserve, its worldwide operations or its people. Generally, Air Force regulations prohibit the staff from accepting submissions from outside or commercial sources.

If you have something you want the staff to consider for publication, please send your input (in Microsoft Word format) via email to hqafrc.pa.citizenairman@us.af.milIf available, include high-resolution digital images and/or artwork with your story. High-quality photos and artwork increase the chances of getting an item published. Also, make sure any story you submit to the magazine for publication has first been coordinated with your servicing public affairs office.

For questions, comments or additional information, contact Citizen Airman at the above email address.